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In 1982, Transuwan Co., Ltd., a trucking company was set up in Nakorn Sawan to haul agricultural product, sugar cane and woodchips in the region. As the regional economy grew, another trucking company Trantanakom was set up to transport sugar, molass and cement. Later in 2003, in order to grow its business in another industry, T. Line Transport Co., Ltd. was set up to do shuttling for import and export containers for carriers to and from the ports in Thailand. These companies are run by a family who believes in doing business with honesty, good governance and responsibility. With their engineering skill and philosophies, their business has since branched out to cover power plants – by petrol, coal, and energy from solar farm and wind farm, by biomass and others, including transportation by NGV. The three companies who focused on transportation, jointly own more than 500 trucks, trailers and semi-trailers of all sort.


Transportation remains one of the core business in this group of companies and it is now at another important turning point. In 2020, Thala Marine Limited is set up with the objective to be a “one stop service company” in order to provide comprehensive support and to offer end-to-end services for the customers in all industries, emphasizing also on cross border transportation. The objectives are to cover transportation, logistics, shipping, customs clearance and freight forwarding challenges, offering seamless services and solution to all tasks and trial for the customers. With the expansion of road transportation, connecting every destination, final solution must be met timely with trust, mindful standard, abide by law of the government and rules of the society, for example environmentally friendly, particularly low carbon operation.  Transparency and good corporate governance are also one of the Company’s Code of Conduct. Thala Marine’s crew members have more than 20 years in this area. They are a team of enthusiastic personnel and are capable to bring about what is promised, not only with the best solutions but also matching any limitation there is, both cost-wise and operational-wise.

The first three companies jointly own more than 500 trucks, trailers and semi-trailers of all sorts


• Sugar cane
• Cement bag

• Shuttling import  and export container

Thala Marine

• Freight Forwarding

• Customs Clearance

• Transportation

• Cement bulk
• Molasses



Our Milestones 

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